“Omensight is the most beautiful game you're likely to see this year. (…) Perfect escapism.”
5/5 - Darkstation

"If you are tired of big AAA titles and you can forgive some minor technical issues, Omensight is a title which won't waste your time."
8.5 / 10 - NEOsite

"An enticing (if sometimes uneven) action-adventure that will surprise you with an intriguing mystery and surprisingly deep characters."
4 / 5 stars - GamesRadar+

"An original murder mystery with surprising plot twists packed in a hack-and-slash action-adventure game à la traditional God of War. However the repetitive segments and a glaring omission of local co-op could have been addressed to make for an even better game."
7.3 / 10 - GBAtemp

“I found myself drawn in by the twists and turns my investigation took.”
8.5/10 - RPG Fan

“I honestly can’t think of any games to compare it to.”
9/10 - GameSpace


Can you tell me about the studio behind this game?

Spearhead Games is a small 15 person Montreal-based independent studio founded in 2012. The studio’s first title, the cooperative action puzzler Tiny Brains for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC, followed the antics of four super-powered lab animals in their quest to escape a mad scientist’s nefarious tests. The studio’s next game has been a competitive physics based video game named Arena: Cyber Evolution (ACE), available as a Free-To-Play on Steam. The studio's last game was an award winning narrative experience called Stories: The Path of Destinies. You play as a clever rogue fox called Reynardo in a madcap epic fantasy where you have fateful choices to make to either win his war or screw up in dozens of way and destroy everything. You can read more about us who we are and what makes us tick here.

Is this a sequel to Stories?

Omensight is a spiritual successor of Stories. While it happens in the same broad universe, it is also a different game in many aspects. But if you enjoyed Stories, you will LOVE Omensight.

What's the combat system?

A mix of light and heavy attacks creates spectacular combos. Dodging is the key to avoid getting hit.

Our Warp Flow combat system has a lot of depth and features several unique powers. Slow down time and manipulate objects in the environment to gain advantage over your enemies.

Are there a lot of enemy types in the game?

Yes, there are over 20 different enemies. You may have already seen many of them in our promotional material and demos.

Can you play with other Companions?

Yes, there are several companions you will be able to play with. Each will have unique personalities and powers.

Can I play with a friend?

No, Omensight is a single-player experience. The companions that will follow you are all controlled by our advanced AI system.

How long is the game?

Anywhere between 8 to 12 hours, depending on how much you explore and your approach to solving the mystery.

How many different different variations exist for days?

A lot.  How you shape the day, where you go, who you fight against and with, all that can be dramatically different, depending on your decisions.

Are there boss fights in the game?

Yes, there are over a dozen boss fights in Omensight!

So, is this an RPG?

Not exactly, but there are some RPG concepts in the game, such as interactive story, leveling up, and character upgrades.

I love random loot. Is there random loot?

No, you will however collect Amber as your currency to boost your character. We want the players to make conscious decisions about how they build and upgrade their characters. We’re all about choices and consequences.

What was the inspiration for the art style?

Our art director is also a published graphic novel author/illustrator, so there is a lot of inspiration from various graphic novels and manga. Most notably Blacksad, by Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido.

Why did you go with anthropomorphic animals?

As an indie studio, we’re not going to go hyper-realistic and super detailed. Our style is more about symbolism and expressiveness. Animal characters are much more expressive in a glance. They have a distinctive silhouette even from afar and inherently project character traits and personality.

On which platforms is Omensight available?

Omensight is available on Steam, Discord Store, GOG, Humble Store, Fanatical and Playstation 4. It will be available on the Nintendo Switch on December 13. Other platforms are still in to be determined. Please sign up to our newsletter and we will keep you posted.

What is Omensight: Definitive Edition?

Update 1.04 of Omensight on PC and PS4 added post-ending content and so we called it the Definitive Edition. The Nintendo Switch version ships with all the updates included.

What technology are you using?

Omensight is running on the latest and greatest Unreal Engine 4. Did you know that you can download it and start making your own games too? Head over to to lean more.